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Tinmar has become the market leader by having a client oriented policy.

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We fuel Romanian success.

  • We believe in concrete and clear things.
  • We are trustworthy partners, we build transparent relationships.
  • We offer professional, prompt and agreeable services

About Tinmar

Mercedes, Lidl, Nepi Invest, Metro, Doosan IMGB, Petrosantander, Arctic, Lukoil, Vodafone, Tuborg, Carrefour have chosen us. We are well anchored in the Romanian reality and we believe, beyond words, in clear and concrete things, in results that create a positive impact and advantages bringing value to the lives and businesses of our clients, but also to the Tinmar business.

We are trustworthy partners and we build transparent, long-standing and fully equal relations with our clients, the quality of these relationships being the central focus of our concern.

We support our clients and we are at their service, offering them easily accessible, fast and agreeable services, being both professionally and humanly prepared in order to understand and identify practical solutions.

We undertake their interests and we represent them with respect, correctness and competence, always respecting the promises that we make, so that success is guaranteed for both parties.

Our force lays within our professionalism, integrity and openness with which we offer direct access to energy and daily support for our clients.

    We are well anchored in reality and we believe in clear, concrete results that have an impact and bring value to the lives and businesses of our clients.

    We build transparent, long-term relations. We assume the interests of our clients, and we represent them with respect, correctness and competence.

    We believe that a professional in the operation of modern public utilities services means being responsible, well-informed and well trained, paying being attentive, meticulous, accurate and organized. We assume this behavior in all the relations we establish.

    We are capable of understanding the expectations of our clients and the different contexts in which a relation takes place.

    We are the creators of solutions and the solvers of problems for our clients.

    Tinmar Energy Clients

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