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    At this moment, we can support with green energy from our own production, a city the size of Sibiu.

    We invest in renewable energy

    As part of our strategy, in year 2012, we decided to invest 75 millions Euro in photovoltaic plants.

    For an increased sustainability, a great deal of the investments made for growing our company was directed, during the past years, towards renewable sources of energy. The use of solar energy represents a major concern of the global energy industry, so up-taking this direction was a natural step for Tinmar. In 2012, the first plant of 3 MWp was commissioned, and one year later investments reached 75 millions Euro, Tinmar having a portfolio of photovoltaic plants of 50 MWp:

    CEF ARCANI – 3 MWp – Gorj county (AMV SOLAR)

    CEF UIESTI 1 – 10 MWp – Giurgiu county (TINMAR GREEN ENERGY)

    CEF UIESTI 2 – 8,5 MWp – Giurgiu county (MAR-TIN SOLAR ENERGY)

    CEF TG CARBUNESTI 1 și 2 – 20 MWp – Gorj county (EYE MALL)

    CEF Simnicu de Sus – 7,92 MWp – Dolj county (SOLPRIM)

    CEF BAILESTI – 3,5 MWp – Dolj county (LUMINA SOLAR)

    CEF BOTOSANI – REDIU – 3,409 MWp – Botosani county (ALFA LAND)

    CEF CETATE – 1,953 MWp – Dolj county (ECO DINAM)

    CEF MODELU – 4,944 MWp – Calarasi county

    CEF Aricestii Rahtivani – 1,696 MWp – Prahova county

    CEF Allianso Energy Solarstrings One – 3,7730 MWp – Prahova county

    CEF Allianso Energize Project Two – 3,7030 MWp – Prahova county

    CEF Alianso Solar Fun – 3,5470 MWp – Prahova county

    Future, directly from its source

    At this moment, we can support with green energy from our own production, a city the size of Sibiu. In year 2015, the quantity of green energy purchased from other renewable energy producers, together with the own from our own production, reached a share of 35% out of the total energy delivered to consumers.


    Together with our adherence to the European legislation on the renewable energy share, Romania has also implemented the green certificates system.

    Unlike the system used in other countries – with a feed-in tariff for each MWh of renewable energy produced, Romania has chosen a subsidy scheme based on green certificates issued for each MWh produced and imposing a green certificates acquisition share to all suppliers delivering energy to final consumers. Due to the legislative changes, Tinmar, as supplier, was able to purchase green certificates, creating therefore the opportunity of a vertical integration.

    Tinmar Energy Clients

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